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Indian Bridal Makeup Artist for a Perfect Look

Weddings undoubtedly are one of the most special events in everyone’s lives. Girls wait for this day since their childhood which is why they will obviously want to make it as special and memorable as possible.

Now, how can you make a wedding memorable? Venue? Your guests won’t be remembering its name a few years down the line? Food? No one will remember how lip-smacking your wedding buffet was after a few days. So what is it?

Well, it’s how you look as a bride. Think about it, when every memory will fade, your wedding pictures will remind you of the special day you and your partner had. Now you wouldn’t want to look hideous in such pictures, right? Precisely for this reason, getting the right makeup is absolutely necessary for a wedding. After all, it’s your wedding, and you will naturally want heads to turn and for others to compliment you on your beauty.

Getting the Right Makeup is Imperative

Contrary to perception, hiring professional bridal services isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a preferred choice for most brides. Sure, you might argue that you can simply ask your friends or family members to apply the makeup on you so that you can save money on hiring professionals, but the results won’t be what you had hoped for.

After all, there’s a huge difference between professional makeup and a DIY one. By skimping on professional expertise, you are risking a lot on your wedding.

Sonu Sodhi will ensure you look and feel beautiful for your big day. We will work together to create your perfect look, this involves understanding how comfortable you are with makeup, your personal style, your wedding style and also any influence that may inspire you (colour, era, style etc). Most importantly it’s about creating a look that still looks like you and will last the day and well into the evening!

We Promise Quality Service

Sonu and her team are highly trained and are aware of the latest makeup trends which is why we can provide you bridal services which are of the highest quality. We know that not all brides are the same and their preferences for makeup might also be different. Precisely for this reason, we arrange a consultation with our clients to get an idea of what they want.

Prior to your special day a consultation is needed to discuss and trial your specific requirements and make sure you are happy for the finished look to be reproduced on the Wedding day.

Your Wedding Makeup Itinerary

When a bridal and bridal party booking is made with Sonu, you will be sent an itenarary with start and finish times for each individual in the group. A bespoke hair and makeup package can be made to fit your needs. Please contact Sonu on 0416 103 160 to find out more.

Even though your wedding outfit has not been purchased, make a booking by leaving a deposit and continue working on sourcing and collating ideas for the dream look you are aiming to achieve for your wedding events. Sonu will work with you in turning your dream to reality.

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